Followed by sign up is entering the current location and destination to see drivers’ availability. As soon as you enter the required details, you are one step closer to the drivers accepting your trip request. But remember, many other entrepreneurs or transportation companies are thinking likewise. As per Gartner, SaaS will continue to be in the limelight holding the biggest market share globally.

how much does it cost to create an app like uber

Now you will look at all the existing apps and what they can and can’t do. You will decide which aspects of the existing apps you want to adopt, improve or discard. You can use your goals from step one to decide which features you did not find that you would like to introduce. It will help you to know how much it costs to produce an app, by counting each features’ development price. The app development team could face some complex and technical challenges.

Team And Tech Stack To Build An App Like Uber

Driver search option, you can choose the nearest driver or the best match by passenger/driver rate, or make a search by price, etc. Multiple destinations option, so passengers could add several addresses and make payment separately. With the current economic climate looking brighter, we can expect good things from the future of on-demand transportation apps and services.

  • Uber then takes a cut of every passenger ride completed, while the driver gets to keep the rest, while having control over their schedule.
  • They will help you design interfaces that users want to use.
  • It charges users a service fee of $1.95 per ride, and even though you receive an estimate of your trip cost, the actual cost you pay is what your taxi’s meter shows.
  • Busy lifestyle, stringent work hours and a growing amount of smartphone usage, all of these reasons account for the increasing popularity of on-demand online services.
  • Using the information in the prior sections, you may find that the cost of making an application is higher than you may have expected.

If you are among the tech-savvy and app enthusiasts of the world, chances are that you must have heard about Uber. It’s a win-win situation for restaurant owners, too, as these apps are running the marketing campaign on behalf of the restaurants, which results in an increase in revenue. If you’re brainstorming for startup ideas or expanding existing operations, the answer is a big “NO”, but with a big “BUT”. You can earn a considerable amount of money from the premium model. You can provide extra benefits to those riders who take premium subscriptions from your app. If a driver or passenger cancels a ride, they will have to pay the cancellation amount.

A user can call a taxi by entering the address, select a car type or specific driver, provide location information for pickup. UberCab, as it was called in those days, launched in San Francisco with prices about 1.5 times as much as a standard cab. However, it was so easy to order a car that people were ready to pay more. Essentially, the cost of developing an Uber-like app depends on your vision of the project. Once the driver accepts the trip request, Uber builds a route for the driver to get to the pickup point.

For a brand like Uber which has an immense pool of users, promotional partnerships also pay well. Founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, Uber is an archetypal disruptive idea. It peaked its market share in 2016 when it had nearly 87% coverage. With the rise of competitors and local entrepreneurs with similar business models, it has now reduced to 71%.


Thus, Uber has economy UberX, premium Uber Black and other products Uber WAV that have their own targeted strategy. Thus, you need to understand that the main expenditure item of the MVP is precisely the marketing, not as much as the development itself. The Uber’s controversial path to success, however, was premised on the various right (and sometimes on-the-edge right) marketing decisions. If the client agrees with the price, he or she usually confirms the request. On-route traffic colors the places of minor traffic with yellow and the areas of heavy traffic with red color. Geolocation provides point-to-point directions for both the driver and the client.

To avoid human-error, Uber-like apps should employ a pay-off process via a payment card. To proceed with payment integration, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements and country policies for handling this data securely. SMS notifications are as important to integrate as push notifications since the latter can sometimes be unreceived; they won’t work if the device is offline or unavailable. By using SMS warnings, the user is informed whether the message was successful or not. In this part of the article, the key technologies are described for taxi booking app building.

how much does it cost to create an app like uber

The idea is to simplify taxi booking and track user capabilities. They will help you identify the technological and business needs before estimating the closest average app development costs. As the famous saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. As you have seen in the earlier section, there are many options for creating apps.

I am sure you are wondering how the price to create an app in iOS costs compared to developing one in Android. Here is the answer – they’re almost equal in cost for each platform. However, the question should be whether to go for native mobile or cross-platform app development. Uber is a resource-intensive app with a complex feature set, which necessitates choosing native mobile platforms to do the job.

Uber Drawbacks

While it might increase the overall development costs, the quality of service will be superior and it will definitely speed up the app development process. The iOS app development costs will surely differ from the application development cost for Android, as well as native will differ from cross-platform mobile app development. For instance, on a site like Upwork or Toptal, mobile app development rates range from $18 to $150 per hour, depending on the skill set needed and the project requirements. They would also provide authentication and security services to authenticate users on both apps safely and to process payment-related APIs securely.

According to a recent report, Uber service is available in 58+ countries and 300+ cities worldwide. Being a role model, Uber has inspired thousands of young entrepreneurs to follow it. Through his excellence and a keen interest in the latest technologies, he has successfully led many app developments and web development-related projects.

The original platform consists of the Driver App designed for drivers partnering with the company and the Passenger App meant for ordinary customers who book their rides. Apart from that, the platform should also come with an admin panel that’s capable of managing and monitoring the platform’s work. Uber is the most extensive taxi-hailing company, available in several regions of the globe. The crafting cost of an app like Uber is around $60000, which takes almost hours. They are native apps formed for the Android and iOS Operating Systems.

Essentially, the core features list for riders implies the five steps from above. In order to not repeat ourselves, here we list the ones not mentioned before. Of course, each project is individual and therefore the cost may vary depending on requirements, selected technologies, design, team, etc.

We have developed more than 630+ projects in various industries. Our team of mobile app developers uses the latest technology to develop the highest mobile apps. The cost of making an app like Uber mainly depends on the create an app like Uber company you hire for the project. You would find discrepancies in the per hour rate of different development companies. Western countries, especially North America, have the highest per hour rate of app development.

It has two interfaces, for parents and for nannies, and the app fully exploits the logic of passenger ride apps like Uber or Lyft. This way, drivers will be able to pick up passengers on their way home or elsewhere with no need to go the opposite direction for every other rider. Make sure there is an option to leave the phone number of a person to be going by taxi. Drivers accept or reject user requests based on their distance which is visible thanks to GPS.

Cashless Payment

Including this feature, the overall booking experience enriches your rider with the app. When the user makes a new taxi reservation, give the opportunity to indicate your preferences. It will be a competitive advantage if the user can choose between the last drivers who were on his way to the office. If a driver is available, the app will automatically allow a ride with him.

If we talk about the cost to develop and design an app like Uber, it will cost around $1,959 – $12,999 for both powerful platforms, iOS and Android, and take 2 to 6 months. First up on our list is the most popular approach, custom application development from scratch. If you have a good chunk of budget to invest into your on-demand taxi app development, this is the best option to go with. But to stay competitive nowadays, you can either find uncharted regions where big players like Uber do not operate yet or implement unique features.

The Time Needed To Develop An Uber

The best part is developers can have direct access to Geolocation API to seek end users’ exact location data via this unique feature. While building a driver app and admin/web application would take about 14% of time each. Before calculating Uber-like app development costs let’s see how does the Uber app actually works. The Uber has two kind of apps – one for passengers use, second for drivers use. Hiring a taxi to travel from one place to another is much beyond waving for the taxi to halt it. Today it is all about booking a taxi rather than waiting for the same.

For More Information Regarding The Benefits Of Native Uber

But when you move towards the Eastern nations like the Middle East, the one name that will come out as the market leader is Careem. Out of all the different categories, the one that has been a recipient of constant demand and fund influxes is on-demand taxi app development. A doing of the constant surging of gross booking valuations for years on end. Other factors which affect the costs of the app are- the UX/UI design of the passenger app. The above-mentioned costs include everything for developing a great app like uber. Uber app has been created by the designers while keeping major entities in mind- passengers and drivers.

You don’t have to worry about predicting the number of users in the near or distant future. In the ‘Active’ option, you need to make sure that the driver gets a quick trip request. That’s why the app needs to send their current location and status so that they’re ready for new orders. On the server-side, keep in mind that this is the only method of identifying the available drivers. Both the passenger and driver usually want to achieve the shortest travel time and get to their destination as fast as possible.

Hence, the MVP cost of driver app of Uber in South Africa is estimated to be between R55,000 to R75,000. However, the indicated price is approximate, it all depends on your desires and requirements. You can share your idea and we will prepare a proposal for you based on your budget. Now, in addition to Uber, you can use the services of alternative taxi aggregators – Yandex. It will take you less time than the cumulative time each team will take to produce the individual apps. You will only need one team versed in cross-platform development rather than developers for each OS.

Our managers will answer all your questions and provide you with custom project estimation. Our analysts have analyzed the functionality given and come up with an approximate set of technologies to use for the similar kind of a project. The total cost of MVP of an Uber-like app for customers will be $29,350 for one platform and $58,700 for two. Meanwhile, the creation of a startup company involves building the app alongside the business itself, which provides some flexibility but, typically, the tight budget. It’s pretty hard to estimate this feature without any project details since it’s development time is dependent on multiple factors.

A Brief History Of Uber

If you want to develop an Uber-like app, it may be hard for you to determine what to do first. The step-by-step instruction will ease this process and help to calculate the bottom-line cost. The app uses Braintree, Stripe, and PayPal payment gateways. Uber also integrates with Apple Pay for iOs and Google Wallet for Android. Today, Lyft creates driver centers and company-sponsored bank accounts, adds community space for drivers education and meetups.

What the taxi driver should to do then is to enlist with Uber so he can get to Uber service effectively. A product manager’s role is critical in ensuring that you are building the right product and feature set for your customers. They research, define, prioritize, and lead the effort to develop and launch the app by collaborating with all stakeholders and team members. They are also responsible for detailing out the feature specifications of the app in the form of product requirement documents . But as you add features, the complexity of maintaining the app increases in proportion. Fortunately, several mobile development frameworks like Flutter allow coding once in a single language and launch on multiple platforms like iOS and Android.

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